At some point we have all fallen prey to the $200.00 printer for home or office use.  We get excited about having our own machine. It has all of the features we could ever hope for including: faxing, scanning, printing and copying. We set up the very nice machine in our office and enjoy a blissful week of convenience… then…oops, we are in need of ink.

We run to our office supply outlet and plop down $100.00 for the ink cartridges (because if we buy two we get a better deal). We run back to our office and install the cartridge. Boom! We are back in business…for another 1000 copies anyway. However, the machine seems painfully slow and does not keep up with our original expectations. It seemed like it would be faster according to the sticker on the machine. Two weeks go by and we are back at the local office supply store purchasing more ink.  If we keep using ink this fast we will go broke! It is becoming frustrating now because the machine is slow and expensive. We reluctantly purchase another two weeks of ink, come back to the office, open the machine to put the cartridge in and begin the cycle again. We’ve thought about using less expensive ink, but that’s how we ruined our last printer.  Today, we have a new problem. We put our originals in our very slow document feeder to make copies and they fed in crooked and got stuck in the feeder!  Oh no! Maybe we should carefully place them on the glass to make copies so we won’t ruin our originals.  We lift the document feeder to expose the glass for copying and SNAP the hinge breaks off in my hand. Sigh…There must be a better way!

Does this sound familiar?

We hear similar stories every day when it comes to fax machines and smaller laser printers every day. There is a low initial cost of copy machine but a very high operating cost. This makes the most money for the manufacturers. These ink & toner guzzlers may be fine for home usage but not for most business applications. We are here to help your South Chicago business become more efficient and significantly lower your operating costs.

At Advantage Business Systems, we are here to help your business print more efficiently and lower your overall operating costs. We provide high quality printers and copiers for businesses in South Chicago and South Chicago area suburbs.

Wondering if your current printer is costing you too much money?

Let’s do the math!

500 copies per week @ $50.00 per ink cartridge = .10 per page

500 copies per week X 52 weeks = 26,000 pages per year

Unbelievably $2600.00 per year in ink costs!

We offer more reliable alternatives at a lower cost. The “office” style machines don’t have to be expensive.

Many businesses may benefit by using an inexpensive reconditioned machine with more capabilities and lower cost of operation.  Advantage Business Solutions will be delighted to show you in black & white, exactly how much you will spend in toner based upon your copying, printing and faxing volumes.  We offer all inclusive leasing programs to South Chicago businesses with toner and service included for a fraction of the costs listed above.

Below is a toner comparison based upon 26,000 pages per year with Advantage Business Systems:

26,000 pages per year = 2 cartridges yielding 15,000 pages each = .005 or $130.00 per year

That my friends is a savings of $2470.00 per year!!

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